PLC Training Services

  • For your field service technician:
  • Diversify your field service technician training with PLC training, who have specialized in PLC Training for 20+ years.

  • For your customers:
  • Recommend or provide PLC training to your machine end-users to reduce support required by your own support personnel.

Advantages of OEM and their customers receiving the same PLC Training?

  • OEM (machine builder) understands customer's needs better
  • Customer know OEM took extra steps to reduce downtime and their lifecycle cost.
  • Communication and expectation gaps narrow.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • OEM experiences lower startup and warranty cost.
  • OEM becomes more competitive

OEM Field Service Technician PLC Training

The number one reason to diversify your field service technician training with PLC training is so they can have a more in-depth understanding of the customer's perspective (plant maintenance) and act accordingly. Most field service technician training is from a single source, then supplemented via costly trial and error out in the field. Most colleges and other providers have not specialized in PLC training for 20+ years, also PLC training gives a non-biased perspective, unlike PLC vendors. (Of course, your techs should also additionally have the education your PLC vendors provides too.) Typically that first single source of PLC "Training", wasn't really training at all, just scholastic education on one particular way to perform a task, and a written test on attendee's short term memory ability. It wasn't actually training on the best way to perform task, or what a best practice PLC program should look like, what advice to pass on to customers who will be tasked to maintain the equipment, and make minor modifications long after the field service technician has left the facility, and start-up phase is over. Also very important is the training on the best way to work with PLCs, and related automation which will reduce your commissioning and start-up cost, reduce customer downtime, and increase your customer satisfaction.

OEM's Customer PLC Training

Let's be honest here, there are two types of industrial OEM (machine builder) business models. Nothing necessarily wrong with either one, just different priorities. One type of industrial OEM business model includes machine service and support as a significant part of their revenue stream. The other type of industrial OEM business model is primarily concerned with successfully making, and installing new machines with minimum support that they consider overhead. Both, typically do not specialize in customer PLC training. With the latter, recommending and/or providing PLC training to their customers greatly improves their goal of minimizing required after sale support. Unlike all other PLC training sources, BIN95's on-site PLC training is specifically designed to make the process and manufacturing end-user... OEM independent. Typically after a week of PLC training, they can handle most PLC management, troubleshooting and minor modifications in house, only requesting OEM support for the more challenging issues that arise. This OEM business model greatly increases customer satisfaction and sales, especially for those end-users who understand The True Cost of Downtime.


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