About BIN

Business Industrial Network (BIN) was established in 1995 to specialize in PLC training.

We started out in OEM startups and after seeing the need for expert training on both sides of the OEM/Manufacturer fence, we soon migrated to an Industrial Training company only. Details of our company can be found on our main company about page at https://bin95.com/about.htm In short, we are a Small Veteran Owned Business (SVOB) who maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau to this very day.

We set up this site to focus primarily on our OEM PLC Training customer base. As you might have already discovered, we also offer industrial training software and material on many other industrial maintenance, management, and engineering topics.

This "About OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer) PLC training site is for machine builders, field service technicians, system integrators and machine end users (process and manufacturing maintenance personnel).

Definition of PLC: Programmable Logic Controller.

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News BIN

  • What OEMs Don't Tell End Users about PACs
  • Machine manufacturers using a PAC for control should keep in mind during control programming and design that the end users may not be strong in PAC/computer architecture, computer programming knowledge or experience operating them. If machine designers address the end-user needs for the additional level of detail required, they will see fewer warranty calls and happier customers. (Read more...)

  • Control Panel Design with Maintenance in Mind
  • With the true cost of downtime being so high, maintenance-friendly control panel design is required to reduce that downtime. The lack of maintainability concerns in control system design can be attributed to oversight, initial-cost reduction, and not understanding installation and usage scenarios. (Read more...)

  • Machine Builders (OEM) PLC Training
  • Diversify your field service technician training with BIN95.com PLC training, who have specialized in it for 20+ years. Recommend or provide BIN95.com PLC training to your machine end-users to reduce support required by your own support personnel. (Read more...)

  • OEM Definition and Training
  • We even go as far as to define what we consider 'Training' in hopes for you to have a better understanding of the quality and value of our PLC training. Better explains how our PLC training to the OEM field service techs and to the OEM's end-user increases the savings and customer satisfaction for all involved. (Read more...)

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