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About OEM PLC Training Website

About OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) site refers to machine builders and OEM PLC training for their field service technician training and their end users, industrial maintenance. About PLC: Programmable Logic Controller. OEM training classes recommended for system integrators too.

This site is and always will be dedicated to PLC training for machine builders technicians and to recommend PLC training for machine builder's end users (Process and Manufacturing's maintenance personnel).

System integrators may find the resources here useful too. Especially if they would like to focus their efforts integrating automation systems and leave the PLC training of their customers to our company (BIN) who specializes in teaching maintenance and engineering PLCs.

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OEM PLC Training Services

One sure way for OEMs to secure future sales is to provide easy to maintain equipment, smooth startups, minimum downtime and low lifecycle cost to their process and manufacturing customers. Our PLC training services are highly focused in these areas and allow OEMs to gain extra insight into what their customers' needs are. The key to success is for both OEM field service techs and OEM customer's maintenance department to receive this foundation PLC training as a minimum.

Field service techs not just educated in PLCs, but actually trained on best practices in working with PLCs.

  • Trained in proper PLC procedures.
  • Trained on detailed PLC documentation.
  • Training on best practices in PLC programming
  • Training and testing on machine and PLC troubleshooting.
  • Trained on customer's perspectives.

OEMs that use us to train their customer's maintenance personnel show their dedication to their customer's success and change maintenance from critics to team members striving for a common goal. Process and Manufacturing will receive the same training as OEM field service tech, but with more focus on becoming less OEM dependent. (Lower OEM's warranty period cost too.)

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Machine Builders (OEM) PLC Training

BIN95 PLC Training
Jul 01.2019

USA PLC Jobs Search Engine (and other industrial jobs)

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Mar 29.2019 9

PLC Training for and recommended by OEMs (Machine Builders)

plc training software
Jan 12.2019

Training On The Go: Automation and PLC Training Software

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With BIN95 PLC Training we don't just present information and if you get it, you get it, if you don't, you don't ... we actually take the time to train your people with our Industrial Automation Technology Training. Not just reading to you from a power point of contents of a manual, but we deliver real-world knowledge on real PLC equipment.

plc basics

When we deliver PLC training to your customer, we can start from the very basics of "What is a PLC", on to how to manage and maintain the PLCs in your equipment, to PLC troubleshooting, to understanding the differences between a PLC and a PAC. Resulting in less downtime for your customers and less warranty cost for you the OEM.

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